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The Defeat of Youth and Other Poems

Aldous Leonard Huxley (1894 -1963) was an English writer and a member of the famous Huxley family. He is best known for his novel Brave New World. Huxley also edited the magazine Oxford Poetry, and published short stories, poetry, travel writing, and film stories and scripts.

Poems in this collection include The Defeat of Youth, Song of Poplars, The Reef, Winter Dream, The Flowers, The Elms. Out of the Window, In spiration, Summer Stillness, Anniversaries, Italy, The Alien, A Litrle Memory, Waking, By the Fire, Valedictory, Love Song, Private Property, Revelation, Minoan Porcelain, The Decameron, In Uncertainty to a Lady, The Life Theoretic, Complaint of a Poet Manque, Social Amenities, Topiary, ON the Bus, Points and Lines, Panic, Return from Business, Stanzas, Poem, Scewnes of the Mind, L’Apres-Midi D’un Faune, and The Louse-Hunters.